Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wilson KSixOne 95 (16x18) K Factor Tennis Racquet

Update by Wilson Tennis Racquet

Product Description :
  • The Wilson KSixOne 95 picks up where the nCode nSixOne 95 left off.
  • Features classic feel in the same tradition as the previous-generation Hyper Pro Staff 6.1 and Pro Staff Classic 6.1, coupled with the added feel and stability of K Factor technology.
  • Open 16x18 string bed further enhances control and spin potential for advanced players.

The full K Factor technology story will be unveiled in early March 2007.
K Factor promises to increase control & feel for all types of players.

Racquet SpecificationsHeadsize: 95 sq. in. / Length: 27.00 in. / Weight (strung): 12.30 oz.
Stiffness (Babolat RDC): 66 / Balance: 12.40 in. Head Light / Cross Section: 22mm Straight Beam
Swingweight: 322 kg*sq. cm / String Pattern: 16x18 / Grip: Wilson True Grip / Wilson Stiffness Index: 6.1

Customer Reviews

Excellent Product !
I took the chance and bought the KSixOne 95 online and I loved it at first sight. And when I played with it for the first time, it was like the perfect match for me. It is not too heavy but also not too light, and It has perfect balance. It enables sufficient power generation for a stunning passing shot as well as provides enough ball placement control.

Normally when I want to buy a tennis racquet, I go in to a sporting goods store and physically hold and swing the racquet to get feel for it. Even better when the store offers a demo (a racquet to actually play with on a court).

I would recommend the KSixOne 95 for all advanced amateur and professional players. It is just another example of an excellent product from Wilson. Well worth the price.

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