Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wilson Impact Tennis Racket (Colors May Vary)

Update by Wilson Tennis Racquet

Product Description

Frame: titanium alloy, Strung weight: 10.7 oz, Head size: 110 sq in, Length: 27.5",
Stringing: factory, String pattern: 16 x 19, Tension range: 50-60 lbs, Grip: 4.25"
Stiffness: 53, Balance: head heavy 1 cm

WILSON Impact Grip Racket Volcanic Frame Technology for power and stability
Titanium Alloy for added strength. Cushion Pro Grip for increased comfort.
  • 110" oversize head.
  • 10.7 oz. strung weight.
  • 27.5" length.
This is the # 1 selling entry- level adult tennis racket in America.

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Miles said...

I stumbled upon this racket when returning to tennis. It was just what was available to borrow. It really played nice and felt light (head light.) It is an amazing racket for the price. Markedly better than the old prince pro or similar rackets. It is the pinnacle of aluminum based tennis rackets. Do not be decieved by its incredibly low price $17.99 (Walmart.) I keep trying other rackets and this little gem keeps winning out. This strikes me as a pro like tennis racket. It is not a hyper stiff racket. My serve is astounding with this racket. The Wilson nylon strings work well enought allowing the ball to stay on the strings and get some spin. I have restrung these a few times hoping to improve them, but they have never been as good strangely. When you break a string just pull your backup racket out (always keep a few of these.) I hand select these at the store. I carefully take off the string placard and then bang on the strings with side of another racket. Higher frequency means higher tension. I always get the highest tension one as this racket is quite powerful and will trampoline too much with lower string tension. On the other side I think my restring attempts have failed becuase of too high a tension. With the factory jobs I always go for the tightest and will often bring in a reference racket to make sure I am getting the tension I want.

Do not confuse this racket with Federer or Serena versions. This racket changes color schemes every couple years and is now blue and black mainly. Originally this racket was $13.99, but that racket had flakey grommets. I broke a lot of strings with the early one (3 in one day). I hit a ton of top spin and was catching some balls at the top of the frame which exposed the grommet issue. I've had no issues with the later rackets.

I highly recommend any player try these. They play that well.

Previous rackets:
Prince Pros, Wilson Prostaff (original), Prince Magnesium, Prince Graphite, Estusa Kevlar-Boron (very nice)

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